Rayquaza remains silent for a while. In time, the weather around you lessens. The clouds part, shining light into the opened cabin. It was warm, but not overly so. It was refreshing.

Your pledges do not fall on deaf ears, Former Sea Bringer. I can sense you were not among those with power. It was not your descision, not your actions that awoken my siblings.

Rayquaza shifts forward, bringing his massive head towards the cabin. It is now you realize the true scope of size. The plane, whole, would be a snack for the massive dragon. Even his eye is larger than the plane.

What of the other humans? Why have they entered my domain with you, Former Sea Bringer?

Sabrina turns slighlty to Vlad. A don't want to go sky diving when the Sky God is angry at me. Would you? She then stands, slowly to adress the dragon. I am Sabrina, your majesty. I am the handler of these humans. My superiors instructed me to bring them to Seigiaha City.