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    Quote Originally Posted by Cute_Riolu View Post
    R. 780: I'm fairly certain something like this exists somewhere -- but I'm looking for a base class kind of archer that's capable of crafting its own magical arrows with or without actually having magic.


    I mean using the magic item creation rules. While artificers do make good archers for just that reason, it seems kind of silly that they're the only ones able to really do so effectively.

    I had this mostly-written in my notes for ages and forgot about it. Finally got back to it.

    The Fletcher
    Level|BAB|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Craft Reserve|1|2|3|4|5|6
    1st|0|0|0|2|Item Creation, Craft Ammunition, Partial Crafting. Recover Essence|10|2|||||
    2nd|1|0|0|3|Point Blank Shot|20|3|||||
    3rd|2|1|1|3|Craft Tile|30|4|||||
    4th|3|1|1|4|Weapon Focus|40|4|1||||
    5th|3|1|1|4|Craft Arms and Armor|50|4|2||||
    6th|4|2|2|5|Consume Essence|100|5|3||||
    7th|5|2|2|5|Bonus Feat|150|5|3|1|||
    8th|6|2|2|6|Swift Crafting (1 Hour)|200|5|3|2|||
    9th|6|3|3|6|Craft Bow Construct|300|5|4|3|||
    10th|7|3|3|7|Eclectic Learning|400|5|5|4|||
    11th|8|3|3|7|Bonus Feat|500|5|5|4|1||
    12th|9|4|4|8|Swift Crafting (5 Minutes)|650|5|5|4|2||
    13th|9|4|4|8|Skill Mastery|800|5|5|4|3||
    14th|10|4|4|9|Eclectic Learning|1000|5|5|5|4||
    15th|11|5|5|9|Bonus Feat|1250|5|5|5|4|1|
    16th|12|5|5|10|Swift Crafting (1 Minute)|1500|5|5|5|4|2|
    17th|12|5|5|10|Adjust Magical Weapon|1750|5|5|5|4|3|
    18th|13|6|6|11|Eclectic Learning|2000|5|5|5|5|4|
    19th|14|6|6|11|Bonus Feat|2350|5|5|5|5|4|1
    20th|15|6|6|12|Swift Crafting (1 Round)|2700|5|5|5|5|4|2[/table]
    Hit die: d6
    Skills: 2+int
    Class Skills: Concentration, Craft (any), Knowledge(any), Listen, Search, Spot, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device

    Infusions: As Artificer

    Item Creation: As Artificer

    Craft Ammunition: As if by the Craft Arms and Armor feat, but ammunition only

    Partial Crafting(Ex): When crafting magical ammunition, a Fletcher can create fewer than the normal 50. Working in batches of 50 is still most efficient. This is the table for +1 arrows, multiply as needed for higher:


    Recover Essence(su): You can pull the xp that went into a magical arrow you crafted back into your craft reserve. You can do this even if the arrow is ruined by having been used. The process takes one minute, and requires you to physically possess the arrow.

    Point Blank Shot(ex): Gain this feat. If you have it, gain any other for which you meet prereqs.

    Craft Tile(ex): Like craft potion. Tiles follow the same rules as potions, and take effect when broken rather than when drunk. You can bind a tile to an arrowhead so that it breaks on impact with a dc 20 craft(arrow) check.

    Weapon Focus(ex): Gain the Weapon Focus feat in a ranged weapon of your choice. If you already have Weapon Focus in a ranged weapon, gain any feat for which you qualify.

    Craft Arms and Armor(ex): Gain the Craft Arms and Armor feat

    Consume Essence(su): You can pull the xp that went into crafting any ranged weapon or ammunition into your craft reserve. In this case, the item must be in usable condition.

    Bonus Feat: Gain any item crafting, metamagic or archery feat for which you meet the prerequisites. Archery feats are those which require either Point Blank Shot or Weapon Focus in a ranged weapon.

    Swift Crafting: Once per day, you may craft a single batch of ammunition (up to 50 arrows) in a shorter than normal time.

    Craft Bow Construct(su): You can create bows that fight on their own. These use the stats for animated objects of their size, except that the dex score is equal to the str score for medium or larger constructs, and that they have a ranged attack equal to how they would be used as a weapon. Note that a bow suitable for a medium creature is itself a small object. The effective cost of a bow construct is 5000gp/hd.

    Eclectic Learning: Pick a spell from the sor/wiz list and learn it as an infusion. The spell must have a duration greater than one round and must be castable on either a person or a weapon. Also, it must be of a level you can use. The resulting infusion has a 1 minute casting time.

    Skill Mastery(ex): You can take 10 on Spellcraft and Use Magic Device checks regardless of circumstances

    Adjust Magical Weapon(su): You can change the enchantments on a weapon, so long as the total value remains what it was. This takes one day per level of enchantment moved, but does not require and materials or xp.
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