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While all of those might be true, you can do something better by channeling a possession spirit who then endows you with the Astral Form ability, which means you (including your body) are in the Astral Plane, without the normal time limit for being on that plane. And all of what I just said can be done by a mystic adept with a possession tradition. That's why I ask why you would spend the extra 5 BP to become a magician when you can also do this by being a mystic adept.
The ability to assense and do recon without showing off, risking drain, and dealing with the other side effects, mostly. You'll be using perception/projection a lot more to take quick peeks than to do any serious running.

Also, the bit where 5BP is pretty much chump change in terms of chargen. If you're willing to deal with an extra step or two to bring your astral abilities on-line, that's as much of a hardship on your character as being a social drinker.