Soooo, just put my current Shadowrun game to bed this weekend.

Always makes me sad... love the game, just can't ever find a good group of players for it.

Had one player who wanted to play it like Oceans 11. (which was good!)

One player who just wanted to walk into places and wing everything. (this was ok, he thinks well on the fly.)

One player who wanted to run a different character every week but would get frustrated when their character couldn't do everything perfectly. (this was frustrating.)

One player who just wanted to shoot things. (ehhh, there is always one)

And finally one player who would never turn up.

I pulled the plug on it because i was forever having to come up with reasons not to kill them for their stupidity. I don't mind a beer and pretzels games but i couldn't be bothered running one using the SR4 rules.

One day i will get a good SR game going.... one day.