Imesah Zhirov

Alias: N/A
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Aasimar
Age: 73 (22)
Class/Profession: Paladin

Description: Like most Aasimars, Imesah is strikingly beautiful. She is tall and athletic in build. Her skin has a soft glow to it, and her raven hair is both soft and shiny. Her face is clearly feminine, and her eyes have the color and gleam of rubies. It would be fairly obvious to anyone who met her that she has a significant portion of celestial blood in her veins.

Normally, she wears a simple outfit of pants and a long-sleeved shirt, carrying her longsword and rucksack with her. When adventuring, she wears a suit of reinforced leather armor. Her shield is nearly always on her left forearm.

Personality: For a paladin, Imesah is remarkably friendly, perhaps because of her youth. She is confident and has a pleasant demeanor. She doesn't really like to force her beliefs on anyone. Rather, she knows that there are different types of good, and just because someone isn't celibate doesn't mean they're evil.

Of course, she's vastly different when she's near anyone who is actually evil, being a pretty normal paladin about smiting evil and that sort of thing.

Equipment: All Imesah carries is her longsword, steel shield, and reinforced leather armor, in addition to clothes and her rucksack, full of money and other possessions.

Abilities: Imesah is completely immune to disease, fear, and compulsion magic. She is able to use some divine magic, and enchant her weapon with positive energy. Her weapons are particularly strong against evil beings, mainly demons and devils.

Being an aasimar, she's also resistant to multiple elements and can see perfectly in the dark.

Backstory: To come later.