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Thread: PTA: Heralds of a New Dawn (IC)

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    Rayquaza listens to each of you in turn, nodding ever so slightly. The pale girl stands, but doesn't say a word, but Rayquaza doesn't seem to notice.

    Your presence in my domain is not an affront. You may pass through unharmed, and I shall repair your vessel. I apologize for my violent reaction. The Sea Bringer's and Land Shaper's actions have soured my temper. I fear it will be eons before my fury settles.

    Before I return you to your travels, I have one last qestion, Former Sea Bringer. You have pledged your self to my siblings, and to my self. I am quick to realize you are not at fault for the actions of your former breathen and quick to forgive your transgressions, however unintentional they were. I can not promise the same of my siblings however. I give you a quest, Former Sea Bringer, to seek my siblings and pledge to them your recompense for the actions of your former breathen and their enemies.

    Through this, you may atoll for their sins, even if they may not wish to do so. If you accept, I shall give you the Mark of the Sky Dragon, my personal mark. It shows you are a Sky Pledge, in my service. It should prevent my siblings from attacking you on sight in fury, if for a short time.

    Do you accept?
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