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"Right, bye then,"
She got and walked away, and then at a good distance she broke into a canter to get the hay out of dodge.

Moments later, Gearstride popped out from where she Silverpine, and Night Jewel and scrambled to Sandy with a look of derp-surprise. "Sandy what did ya do? It was looking so well.....You should have totally used my nerd line!"
And as soon as she was out of sight, Sandy plunked his head down on the table with a thud that shook the cookie platter. He didn't even look up as Gear started talking. "It wouldn't have helped, I went an' messed everythin' up just as soon as I opened my big mouth." He covered his head with his forehooves, flushing red from sheer embarrassment. "I don't know when you thought it were going well, 'cause that was just awful."

(And now I wait for everybody else, figured he'd get a reaction to her leaving first)