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And then suddenly, Gwyn had him wrapped up in the tightest hug he'd ever felt in his short life. Her warmth, the soft levitation, a sharp pain in his side, "Owmph!" Garion winced, his voice muffled by her barrel. "Mpphh mwhph, mphhmphh mprh!" was about all that came out as he tried to squirm loose.
'Aah.." She quickly loosened her hug on him. 'Sorry about that Garion."

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Knack's eyes were on the Hydra, who had little wood wagons circling all four heads.

"Ah think we need our resident creature caretaker here pronto. Not sure how long mr hungreh here will stay out, and ah'm not sure I can teleport such a big beast."

Gwynfillion glanced at the hydra warily and then back at Tinker, having now accepted Tinker was now a mare. Sigh. Anyways. "Just what is a hydra doing here anyway? They normally don't leave the forest." Kinda just a rule of nature here as far as she knew.