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Garion poked his head out for a gasp of fresh air, wiggling around until Miss Gwyn wasn't actively touching his bruises. "But Miss Farmer was in danger, and you jumped in with her," he protested weakly. He kinda wanted to just lay down on her barrel, close his eyes, and spend a little quality time in dreamland, but he was still in trouble. No sleeping for him just yet, no matter how soft this magic felt, or how warm Miss Gwyn's hug was - his head perked up, eyes wide open as he caught himself nearly dozing off.

She creased her brows and ran her hoof down the back of his neck. "And what were you going to do huh? Scold the hydra?" There was a bit of a upset but still worried tone to her voice.

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Knack raised an eyebrow at Gwyn, the pointed to each side of the farmland...which ended at the forest on ALL sides.

"I'm in the middle of the forest. Best farmland for miles around, but it's allus been surrounded by the forest. There are supposed to be enchantments to keep these varmints out...but if this one got in, it means they're getting weak. Ah'll have to go to Canterlot soon and get a professional to renew those enchantments before I'm overrun by hungry critters looking for easy meals."

"Yes, but hydras tend to go after ponies, meat, protein filled creatures. Not garden vegetables, its not really something part of their diet, unless somehow someone managed to condition them to be vegetarians, believe me, I know my beast creatures,"
Not that she still couldn't be scared of them.