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"Garion dear, are you crying?"
She asked glancing at his slightly wet hoof on her shoulder. She then looked at him warily, she wasn't quite sure how she'd go about with a crying foal.....eh....consoling...that would work right?
"N-no, I-I'm fine...j-just fine..." Garion rubbed his eyes again, tears starting to flow unbidden down his cheeks. The whole reality of the situation, how close he'd come to getting hurt, how close Miss Gwyn had come to getting hurt, it was all crashing into him at once. He started to shake like a leaf, and clung tightly to his caretaker.

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"Maybe it was just trying to get across. Not sure. But we need to get it out of here asap."

She turned to look at Garion.

"And Ah'm grateful for what you did young one, but it might have helped to think things through a little more than that. What if you had hit US instead. If you wanna be a hero, ya gotta use yer noggin for more than just bashing it into things."

A bright golden delicious apple floated in front of his eyes.

"Here. Apples usually help me feel better."

Garion sniffed and nibbled at the apple, taking it in his forehooves. It was every bit as juicy and sweet as it looked. "Th-thank you, M-Miss." Another few bites, and he rallied enough to get his thoughts straight. "I...I didn't think of any of that, I was just...so scared I...I didn't want anypony to get eaten. I-I didn't know what else to do so...so I j-just went." He tried to take another bite, but he was shaking so much his jaws just kept slipping and nipping at thin air.