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    Quote Originally Posted by Winter View Post

    The point of Xykon and his level, since that character got first introduced, was that he is of such a high level that it simply does not matter anymore what it is. 25 or 55 who cares? He is not the enemy you defeat by punching him. He's the Big Bad and the End of All Things.
    Xykon is the worst thing that could happen and he's nigh undefeatable.

    That is the point of such a powerful enemy. Compare him to the Emperor of Star Wars. He has such massive amount of power that it simply does not matter anymore to quantise it any meaningful way.
    You fight him straight on? You lose.
    Yes, this is pretty much it. The only one who had a shot at bringing him down was Soon, who was also presumably so epic that he could have flattened Xykon's whole army personally if they'd entered the throne room.
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