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I really can't decide about my Mesmer's alternate weapon set. My primary one is Staff, and I'm doing well with it, dropping Chaos Storms, exploding illusions and generally throwing a lot of boons and conditions around. I tired sword + pistol for my second one, but it doesn't seem to work as well as I thought it would... maybe Scepter + Focus will be better after all.
I finally got a nice staff and respected my traits to a support boon/condition build. I plan on going Scepter+torch as my off weapon. Phantasmal Mage seems like the main reason I would switch to this weapon, while pounding away with the Illusory Elasticity and the '1' skill of staff.

Scepter+Focus looks really nice too, with Phantasmal Warden being quite nice. and the '4' skill a nice utility.

I think mesmer needs constant weapon switching more then other classes to reach its full potential.