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However, I think it's pretty clear that the rifts hadn't been there for centuries before the Gates were built anyway...the implication in the strip is that Soon was one of the first to discover them
We do not know that. We do not know how many elves, hunters, nymphs, deer, squirrels etc got eaten before someone got away to tell the story.

It might be possible the rifts were there all the time as all of them are in areas were people are not likely to cross on an occasional basis. In the desert, the ice, the wilderness, the mountains, a tiny spot in the sky...
Maybe they were there, maybe the are new. We do not know (and I think it's not that clear in the comic; especially as we see the perspective of Soon, which does not have to be the full truth).

So yes, Soon was one of the first to discover them but that does not carry any information on the age of the things.