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Anyone on here playing a Thief? I just hit level 20 and I'm still not sure what weapon setup I like the best. A lot of the lower levels I was using D/D with Death Blossom or whatever just cutting through things. Once I hit the level 15 area though things were dealing FAR too much damage for that to viable. I switched to P/D and its night and day different. Any melee mob is easily killed since I can just use the attack that puts you into stealth to make some distance and then hit it from stealth with the rapid fire pistol attack that stacks 5 bleeds on the target. I also liked P/P since Black Powder (the aoe blind) skills is incredibly powerful. Even just dropping it on yourself and shooting through it at things blinds them which makes you incredibly survivable, especially against things with slower attack speeds.

What I'm not sure about, is how to stack my gear currently. I have a mishmash of Condition, Power and Precision gear and since I'm a leatherworker I'm not sure which one I should be focussing on for a mainly P/D build. A lot of my damage is autoattack, but the autoattack (and sneak attack) both cause a bleed. So should I focus more on Condition? Or power and precision?
Double Dagger and Double Pistol are excellent.

As for itemization, I probably wouldn't worry about it until you hit level 80, but there are lots of ways to apply bleeds, so...