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    @ Dr Bwaa - No! Thank you for doing what you do and I'll take it all into consideration! I apologize for not answering post-by-post but it's very late and I need sleep. I'll do so tommorow and hope you like this next installment too! I apologize for not editing out the swearing, as there is a lot, but again it's very late and I just wanna get this up for people to read :D

    Of Wolf And Man 2
    Or; never annoy the furry guys.


    Rex’s eyes flashed between the woman and the other man once more, who flicked his cigarette away with a smirk. The redhead’s dress rode up enough to show a flash of a knife sheathe; the male having a noticeable bulge in his jacket. Ross and Rex immediately reacted; their body’s changing and warping, growing taller and filling out with extra muscle. Hair grew where they had been none before, or existing hair thickened. Features grew angled; teeth grew to fangs and nails to claws, ears tapered into points. Dalu form – not quite their strongest form, but certainly not fully human – that much was clear as day. As one the pair moved to shield Rachel, who did not budge from her Hishu form. Emile snarled louder as he moved with them, standing just in front of them, head low and drool dripping from between his teeth.

    “You brought Silver to a diplomatic meeting.” Rachel spoke softly – deadly soft. Predatory, dangerous, so low one could hardly hear it over Emile’s snarling. “The agreement was that there was to be no weapons that could seriously harm.” Her lips hardened, looking rather fearsome herself despite being sandwiched between Ross and Rex, both of whom looked seething – furious. If not for Rachel, they would have already attacked, to speak nothing of Emile.

    Alistair sneered confidently at the pack. “How could we trust a bunch of Mutts like you to keep up your end of the deal, hm? We needed insurance. So here’s how this is going to go-”

    Ross snarled, fingers curling into fight fists, his muscles bulging as he stared down at the man like he was an ant. “No, I’ll tell you how this is going to go, you fairy ****er.” He snarled, his voice coming out as a growl due to his Dalu vocal chords. Rex didn’t even try to stop him. “We’re going to rip you all a new ****ing ******* for what you did, and you’re going to bend over and damn well take it. You can try and stop us, use all the ****ing silver in the ****ing world and it will not do you jack-****ing-**** you undead **** sucking bitches.”

    Rex flashed a grin at those words, and even Rachel smirked just a little. The vampire looked furious themselves at those words, and in a flash had drawn his large, ornate gun – and then all hell broke loose. With a bellow Ross hurled himself at Alistair with enough speed and power that he didn’t have time to pull the trigger. The Uratha bulled the Vampire to the ground with a smashed the gun out of his grip, grinning ferociously at the creature as the firearm went bouncing off into the darkness.

    “C’mon fairy, fight!” Ross sneered through fangs as his hands wrapped around the Vampire’s collar and in one swift motion he rose and hurled the vampire into the limo they had arrived in. The impact was hard enough to rock the limo and dent the metal with a crunch; Alistair slumped down against the hood, dazed for a few brief seconds as Ross advanced on him, cracking his knuckles.

    Jane was staring down a snarling Emile, a savage joyful grin on her lips as she drew her small knife, spinning it in her fingers. “Come here, puppy. You’ve been a bad dog.” She sneered in a thick Russian accent, her hair blowing in the breeze as she completely ignored what was going on around her. Emile seemed to grin as his body shifted; his overall shape stayed the same but he grew larger until he was four feet at the shoulder, his fur growing thicker as he put on far more muscle than he had in Urhan – he was built like a tank; the nails he had in Urhan becoming large knife-like claws; his head becoming larger and thicker like that of a pit bull, his jaws parting wider as he snarled louder, tongue flashing out over monstrous bone-crushing teeth. He was to Urhan what Dalu was to Hishu; Urshal, a giant wolf straight out of nightmare. He crouched down, massive haunches tensing to spring.

    Jane’s eyes widened as she backed away, her fingers closing tight around the knife. No more fancy tricks; she certainly hadn’t been expecting that. She gave her companion’s once last glance before she turned and ran towards the limo. Emile howled as he lunged after her, heavy paws crushing the grass as he ran her down. In her panic she leapt onto the limo with supernatural grace; her high heels not being suited to such a task snapped and skittered out from under her. She landed hard on her front and pushed herself to her hands and knees just in time for Emile to pick up speed and lunge, clearing the limo with ease and ploughing into her with the force of a truck and knocking her off the top and onto the grass out of sight. It took but seconds for her to start screaming in agony, accompanied by the sounds of bone being crushed and Emile’s ferocious snarls.

    “**** that whore up, Emile!” Ross called to his pack mate, roaring with laughter as his mammoth fists pummelled Alistair’s face into pulp. The fairy had got in a few good blows, but his enhanced healing had taken care of that in seconds. Ross almost felt cheated as he lifted up the crippled vampire with almost no effort and slammed him across his knee, shattering his spine and tossing him to the side; pausing a moment to lift his heavy working boot and stamp the bloodsuckers skull until it burst like a watermelon. The Uratha grinned at his work and turned to assist Rex and Rachel with Alexander.

    Alexander was far more agile and strong than they’d first thought; he swayed aside from Rex’s hammer blows and lashed out at an Urhan-formed Rachel when she went in to bite for his legs. He’d cut Rex across his chest with a small silver dagger; the wound stung like hell but wasn’t fatal – he pushed himself to heal it even as he kept fighting. It was only through sheer weight of attacks that they kept Alexander off balance, but they’d backed him up a good distance towards the limo.

    “**** this.” Ross grunted and closed his eyes; letting all of the anger he felt wash over him. His muscles grew and grew, his fingers elongated even more into wicked claws that could disembowel a man in a casual swipe, his legs snapped and reformed effortlessly into those of a canine as his feet became paws and his face became a monstrous wolf’s head that spouted black fur like the rest of his body was as a long tail spouted from the point above his spine – he had taken the ultimate form the Uratha had at their disposal, Gauru – the war form, the shape that everything learned to fear. Ross revelled in the raw power he felt as his eyes opened – he was huge, easily eight and a half feet tall. He threw back his head and howled to the night sky; Alexander’s eyes widened as he realized what had happened – and he suddenly knew how utterly ****ed he was. Ross lunged forward like a steam engine as Alexander feinted a blow then turned and ducked away, running just as Jane had – but unlike her, his terror was so extreme that he threw the door to the limo open and dove in, slamming it and fumbling for the keys to start it.

    “Scaredy ****.” Ross snarled out with effort, the voice sounding utterly inhuman as the Rahu advanced on the limo with long loping strides. Rachel shifted back to Hishu and hung back with a small smile, knowing the fight was practically done, though Rex stayed Dalu and advanced with Ross. Emile appeared once more, his coat and jaws matted in blood as he circled the stalled limo, tongue lolling from his mouth. Ross reached the Limo first and rather bluntly ripped the door from the frame, tossing it aside and grinning as Alexander all but pissed himself in terror. Emile lunged; massive jaws clamping on his leg with enough force to shatter everything below the knee and tugged the man from the limo with his powerful muscles. Alexander screamed in agony and raised his dagger to stab but Rex gripped his hand and broke his wrist with a swift movement of his Dalu enhanced hand, the knife falling away into the foot well of the limo’s driver seat.

    Alexander hit the grass with a grunt and Emile let go, the Urshul Uratha sitting on his haunches like a massive hound, blue eyes staring at the panicked vampire with savage glee. Finally, Ross reached down and plucked the vampire up like a toy and with a content rumble, gripped one arm in each of his own massive hands and tore the Vampires arms from his body in a fountain of blood. As his gurgling, twice dying corpse fell to the earth Ross shrank back down to Hishu himself, panting from the experience as Emile fell upon Alexander’s twitching corpse and shook it like a rag doll, tearing open the chest and crushing the decaying heart within into paste.

    “You should consider taking up something else other than diplomacy, Rachel.” Ross grinned at her as Emile shifted back to Hishu himself, grinning wide from ear to ear despite being covered in blood. Rachel gave a soft laugh.

    “I’ll consider it.” She replied with a smirk.

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