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    Light Yagami
    "Consider it a compliment. You find your own people so dull and tedious, lacking in purpose and excitement." He looks down at his watch. Then he takes out his Death Note, and scrawls something in japanese. It's long, and detailed, and he needs to pause and think a few times. Finally, he's satisfied, and tears off a strip at the bottom of the page. It's long enough for exactly one entry. He closes the book before anyone has a chance to guess what he wrote. Then he nods to Ryuk.
    "I was going to wait until night, but giving him time to think is only going to hurt me. Go find Death, and tell him that Kira will see him now. And watch as the drama comes to a sudden, and abrupt end."
    Then he does something curious. He removes his cellphone, and takes a picture of the entry he just made, then he saves it as the background. Then he walks calmly towards the school drama room, the place he intended to have this confrontation. Just get it out of the way. A bright and glorious future awaited him, and he didn't want to waste any more time.
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