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Thread: [MLP FiM} Bridle Shores: The Great Wilds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benson View Post
    Cloud hopped over, pleasantly surprised to see Garion, but not so much the crying part. She gave him a little smile as she hopped on Tinker's back. "Hi Garion." She waved.
    Garion sniffed and gave a little wave back. "H-Hi Cloud."

    Quote Originally Posted by Benson View Post
    Gwynfillion briefly looked at Tinker and the wall-eyed filly foal before returning her attentions back to the little colt here. "Its okay Garion, just cry, its okay to cry. Its healthy actually, a natural stress reliever. Science and stuff."
    With Gwyn's reassuring and comforting, Garion would be well calmed by the time the teleport happened. She was right; sometimes, a good, long cry was just what a body needed.

    [Hmm. Does she know about Gwyn and Grills being a thing? If so, then Grills seems the place to go. Otherwise, the tower.]
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