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    Quote Originally Posted by sildra45 View Post
    A small orb of light appeared in the middle of Grills' restaurant area, luckily in a fairly clear section. It floated there for a moment, then expanded large enough to fit four ponies, and then with a flash and a light 'bang', there stood Knack Tinker, with Cloud Chaser on her back. Beside her was Gwyn, holding Garion.

    OF all four, Knack looked the worse for wear. Her entire body was 'fluffed' asif she'd been rubbing across a carpet, and small bolts of static flitted about her.

    "Ah really need to work on that."

    Although it was not crowded, all eyes in attendance where on them. The resturant was designed to make teleportation in and out by most ponies difficult and more importantly oblivious. Jaws hung open. Nostrils flared open in shock and forks clanked on the ground or plates.

    "Welcome, Miss Tinker. Welcome, Miss Gwynfillion. It is preferred that customers wait to be seated. I will alert the owner of your obvious emergency." The green restaurant expediter says after strutting up to the frazzled mares and foals.
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