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"Could be worse, could be leaving ponies roasted," The plum mare dizzily said, her lovely mane a fro now with static discharge. She kinda just slumped off to the side.

The little colt flopped onto Gwyn, or the TK effect, if it was still up, trying to hold his head steady with his forehooves. "Can somepony stop the room? I want to get off now..." Garion's apple had exploded mid-transit, leaving the colt with a blackened snout and mushy apple junk all over his face. But other than that, he seemed none the worse for-

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Cloud giggled, her mane all stickie uppies, grinning like a little nutter as she hopped off of Tinker. "That was fun." She touched Garion with a hoof, sending a little static shock his way. "Teehee."

With that little shock, Garion's mane poofed out into a miniature afro.