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    [Greif's Cafe]

    Greif and the waitress continue to bicker.

    "Seriously, you're a terrible manager. Why did I let you talk me into this?"

    "Because you're young and impressionable, and I'm an awesome friend?"

    The griffin got punched in the shoulder for that one. "Complimenting my age will get you nowhere, Greif! And now you're just letting the customer sit there and be subjected to all this! You're making us look bad!"

    "I'm making us look bad?! You're the one arguing with me!" Greif exclaims. "And you just hit me!" Smack. "Ow! What is your problem?!"

    "My problem is that we've only been in business half an hour, and you're already screwing it up and trying to bail out!"

    "I have good reasons! To bail out, I mean, not to screw up. And I'm not bailing out!" Smack. "Stoooooop iiiiiiit!"

    The waitress is just about to hit him again when the building suddenly shakes, and loud rumbling noise is heard.

    The pony and griffin stop and stare at each other, before looking out the window. "What... what... what is..." the pink pony mutters.

    Greif looks back across the bar at Fox Trot, his eyes wide and pupils small. "Um... Fox Trot, dude. You didn't mention a Kraken..." the griffin weakly says.
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