All these questions about which weapons are best don't really have any correct answer. It's all about preference, play style, and build. Different weapon sets aren't usually so much better or worse than others to be considered "the best for X."

For example, there has been a lot of talk about scepter on Mesmer. I absolutely hated the scepter on my Mesmer in beta.
Chen talking about D/D not being viable after 15+ was because he was spamming DB instead of using it wisely. Things were dishing out too much damage? DB allows you to evade, endurance free, for like two seconds. Using it at the right times instead of spamming it I was able to stay in melee with level 24 mobs when I was level 21.

Get a feel for each weapon sets' strengths and weaknesses, and see what works for you. That's the only real answer.