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Chen talking about D/D not being viable after 15+ was because he was spamming DB instead of using it wisely. Things were dishing out too much damage? DB allows you to evade, endurance free, for like two seconds. Using it at the right times instead of spamming it I was able to stay in melee with level 24 mobs when I was level 21.
Against a single mob I agree this works fine. The problem is against multiple ones I find it very hard to time so that I'm not getting hit. Regardless P/D has worked beautifully for me so I guess I just like that playstyle better. I changed to S/P as an alternate set and the blind is fantastic. Pistol Whip is also absurdly powerful so it works well as a secondary.

Trading post is up and running now too. Mats are very expensive for the most part it seems though, especially the tier 1 mats. The rare mats (tiny claws, etc) are also extremely expensive. Interestingly the tier 2 mats are pretty cheap though (copper ore is ~16-20 cp each, iron ore was 4 cp each). I wonder if its because a ton of people are looking for tier 1 crafting material or if everyone is just out of the starter areas now. Which also makes me wonder whether its worth it to go do the other races starting areas at the moment and make money on the low tier mats.