Day 478: Animated Object

Next on our Monster Manual Expedition, the Animated Object.

The most memorable animated object I used... that'd have to be the communication artifact wielded by a senior Silver Ladder mage named Riechstag in my Perfect Arrow tabletop. Whenever he wanted to speak to someone he'd put on a magical gauntlet in his study and start writing on a piece of paper. Elsewhere, all the pens, rulers, staplers and other bits of office equipment on the target's desk would arrange themselves into the form of an arm, which would then start writing out Riechstag's message.

It was intended to be a creepy, high-magic form of communication from a paranoid old Master. It worked; Riechstag was one of my favourite NPCs in that game.

Picturewise, this was a bit of a rough experiment. At least one thing paid off so that's good to know.


Time: 35 mins
Music: Letters