Here comes the only part of the adventure that matters, the loot!

You gained a total of 2750 XP (per head, calculated assuming XP is split four ways) over the course of the session!

Now for the loot!

Though someone actually has an appraise rank, it's not quite high enough to guarantee success--10 gold has been taken out of the loot to identify the 40-65% of items that wouldn't been appraise-able.

From encounter 1, in the alley:
590 gold.
A handsome, finely cut milk opal. It is worth about 900 gold.
A rough chunk of bloodstone, worth 11 gold.
A wand of False Life. 30 charges remain.
A scroll of Detect Thoughts.
A pair of tough, worn leather gauntlets. It has a few iron studs on the back, but is otherwise mostly thick leather.

From encounter 2, at the glass-smith's:
1900 gold.
An electrum metronome, worth about 1000 gold if sold. This is suitable as the focus for the teleportation ritual--no extra preparations (the 3000 gold) have to be made to said metronome.
An old red carpet made of an extremely fine, and high quality silk. Worth 900 gold.
A scroll of Mage Armour.
An unknown, faded red cloak. It is dusty, and slightly tattered, but otherwise in good condition. It has a faint abjuration aura.
A handsome adamantine breastplate.

Any unknown items (now and in the past) can be identified, but bear in mind cost and casting time.

Regarding the ritual for teleportation
You will need to travel somewhere back into Marrow Gorge (a place visited earlier) to find a suitable casting point. The ruins you are headed to are outside of the range of the spell, and also does not have a teleportation node. You can, however, teleport a fair distance into the Northfringes, then walk the rest of the way.