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    Something i jsut thought of, did they include any pvp things that balance out the numbers of players?, The main problem with pvp i've been having is that it's 400 vs. 30, and most of those 30(generally about 20 of them) seem to have trouble following tactics most of the time.
    Er... you mean WvW?

    It's balanced by switching to a new server that got similar points each week. It's not a perfect system, since people who spend a lot of time on it might get a new job or go on vacation and spend less time on it the next week. New people join, which either has no effect, balances it out, or unbalances it further. You might also have the problem of servers with two different dominant time zones, where there are a bunch of other guys on your side - they're just not on when your small disorganized band is fighting the large warband of enemy players.
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