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    Gary Bell

    "Oh." Gary says. "That's a relief."

    He lowers the phone for a moment. "It's alright, guys. It's good military people, no psycho murdering military people!"

    He raises the phone again. "I'll be careful. I'll get out if things are getting too bad as well. And Dr. Rosen..."

    He considers telling him about Lelouch and how he's a member of the Black Knights.

    But then he hesistates. And for once, decides to keep his secrets close to his chest.

    And then he realizes that due to the Geas, he couldn't tell Dr. Rosen anyway. Which is a relief of sorts.

    "Say hi to Mom for me."

    Leavenworth Smedry

    "Well, a portal leading from here to a academy within the Hushlands. An academy that I think is meant to suck in extremely dangerous individuals to be used as weapons...or to keep others using them. And his name's not child of the atom: it's Dr. McCoy: lovely fellow, learned in practically every subject, very good at climbing trees too..."

    His voice trails off. "But that's not what you wanted to know. You wanted to know why I haven't come back before now."

    He opens his mouth to spout out the justifications running through his head: how everyone's distaste at the kingdom of Idris's corruption had led them to almost gladly write off it's loss to the Librarians. How the strength of Valentine's defenses and wards, and the constant pressure of the advancing Librarian army had prevented any resources from truly being brought to bear on Idris's liberation. How there were so many crises and situations and nations that hadn't yet fallen that had needed to be saved, and how he still had tried to infiltrate Idris from time to time, but heľ

    "I failed." He wound up saying. He hung his head. "Ravening Robinsons: I didn't try enough, and before this point, every time I tried, I failed."

    He crossed his arms and stared at the water.

    "I arrived late, it seems." He finally said, the words dripping from his mouth with the lead-heavy taste of bitterness

    And on that dreary note...

    "So then!" He says suddenly, clasping his hands together with glee. "How do these runes work? I'd wager that since you aren't attacking us or blowing the whistle for some tin-plated soldiers, he hasn't completely bound you! And twenty years! So much catching up to do!"

    From his vest tuxedo pocket, he whips out a small three ring booklet and opens it up, a jacob's ladder of laminated connected photographs spilling out.

    "These are my new grandkids!" He exults, a proud grin on his face.
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