'Waste not your pity. It's life and pain were a cruel joke, from which it is now released.

On the other hand, hunters stalk their prey, hidden, sometimes camouflaged, and there's trickery in that. Not all prey is caught. Perhaps even animals can lie, discern lies, and realise truth, and so be saved'.

Clearsight smiles at Halabur.

'Perhaps our departed friend has already reached a higher understanding. Shorn of its false form, liberated to a level of spiritual mirth we can only imagine. I must confess, I had not considered the theological position of animals before'.

Raif looks distant for a moment.

'Cuts too close to the bone'.

Raif Clearsight snaps out of his distraction, and frowns at the tracks.

'Well, I head that wolf packs are usually families, so perhaps these would be cubs and yearlings. A big pack. Hopefully the wolves won't need to hunt for a few days after a fresh kill. Unless the pack's really big. On the other hand, if it's a really big pack, maybe it's driven out any other wolves in the region. Either way, we should guard our horses carefully tonight'.

Clearsight chuckles...

'Oh I'm being dense. Not even a very artful lie, is it? Wolves could not have done this. Wolves cannot break bones, much less devour them. They lack the jaw strength'.

Clearsight frowns.

'I think something drove the hunter off the kill. Either the wolf pack chased the hunter, or the wolf pack brought the animal down, and were chased off by the scavenger'.