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    Default Re: MitD VI: The Undiscovered Creature (Please Read the First Post)

    Quote Originally Posted by lio45 View Post
    It's all in good fun, but I'm not really sure it's going to bear any fruit.
    If nothing else, when someone else brings up the idea that we can calculate the weigth of MitD by taking RC's max lifting weight and subtracting the weight of the cage, I can answer with a far more nuanced reply than what I had until now. Of course, when I start talking about wood types, they may think I'm making fun of them by paraphrasing the unladen swallow scene from Monty Python, but hopefully someone will back me up on that.

    Quote Originally Posted by lio45 View Post
    On that topic, and I'm sure it's been discussed before, couldn't Redcloak have buffed himself off-panel with one of these divine STR-boosting spells? Rich probably didn't think about the type of wood the crate was made from, but it's likely that he DID reflect upon the weight of [MitD + crate] compared to RC's lifting/carrying ability when he drew this, and it passed the test (the drawing remained in his work), so there has to be an explanation. (Ultra-light MitD, buffed RC, anything else?)
    I included a buffed RC in my calculations a page ago.

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