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Man, I feel like I should be weighing in on this as the resident physics major, but it's looking like you guys have got it pretty well covered.
Cool! FWIW I myself have a B.Sc. in Physics and had already started working on my masters when I decided to join my father in the family business.

I think I recall that our thread guru Grey Wolf is himself an engineer of some sort, so there are at least several of us who are "qualified" to give a physicist's/engineer's POV (valid except, of course, in those not-so-uncommon scenes where the laws of physics are told to sit down and shut up!) ;)

That having been said- this conversation has been really entertaining, and Rich puts a lot of detail into things. Into MitD clues, even more so. But do we *really* think that he stopped to research the likely building materials for a box, stopped to calculate its weight, and then figured out how feasible it would be for Redcloak to lift it?
"stopped to research the likely building materials for a box"? No, definitely not.

"stopped to calculate its weight"? No.

But when drawing RC carrying MitD in a wooden crate (imagine him in the exact moment when he's having that very panel in front of his eyes, working on it), I think it's likely that it'd have crossed his mind if it was blatantly obvious that there was no way on Earth that RC could possibly have done what he's just drawn doing.

I mean, yes, I'm one for "This information probably won't be relevant, but it's worth noting," but we're mapping out the likely woods for a crate based off of real-world plant distribution. Is this actually going to tell us anything the size of the box doesn't?
Not really, no. :P

But you know how it is in this thread... ;)