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    "Everyone." He says it quietly, but with such sincerity it almost knocks you over. He's being as honest as he can about his intentions, with his innocent of a sister so close by. Then again, since she can sense falsehood he's a lot more honest then he'd be anywhere else. "I am a noble, without property or wealth or even recognition, and my life has been hard. When I was ten my mother was kidnapped, my father expended no effort to save her, and simply left her to be killed, and he left me and my sister at ground zero of Japan's subsequent invasion. I spent the next two months hauling bodies for the occupiers to keep us both alive, until I was able to contact some old family friends." He looked at the boy. "If I could, I'd save everyone. But I do the best with the gifts I have. What about you?"
    He looked at Shiki, still pushing his sister along before him, now wrapped in a rug to give her some modesty. "What would you do?"
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