I so knew the Grey Wolf was gonna post something like that.

So weird thing. I just rechecked the scene in my SoD again, for posterity and to see how the pushing and shoving got done.

The thing I said earlier about it being a different box once the zombies started carrying it, that actually happens way earlier.

It actually happens when Redcloak starts pushing the monster up onto his cart!

So i guess the second box with no door is actually just the side of the box with a door, and I was just being silly thinking they had switched boxes.

So Zombie weight capacity is back on! And for those of you not in the know:

The average strength for a medium sized zombie is 12, there are two zombies lifting the box, and they are doing so at waist height and presumably walking very slow (how else do zombies move right?).

This means the Weight limit for box + Mitd is 520 pounds.

Give or take the Giants attention to detail of course.