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i was wondering if there was a good place to find information or discussion threads for werewolf:the apocalypse. We just started a game.

a paranormal investigator uktena, hacker glasswalker, security guard Gaia (me), all Homid. Apparently gaining the aid of a combat heavy Lupus (I noticed we all lacked physical ability, and most of us players are Skill heavy)

Other than looking for some information, i was also hoping for some good knews. the 3 of us are lost cubs and though we where acquainted with each other before we just got found by a Garou. The issue is i think i've formulated the personality of my character pretty well. And I think its going to be hard for him to get used to the idea of dealing with problems as a Were.

I was wondering how much i'll have to rely on supernatural combat ability. Should i put away my gun, or are there enough monsters out there that can be taken out by it?
I would suggest you check White Wolf's own forums. However, a word of warning - W:tA is a terrible, awful wreck of a game that is essentially one gigantic car wreck, starting at the inconsistent, heavy-handed and ill-conceived fluff and moving on to mechanics that are not so much a gaming system as they are the written equivalent of an open-handed smack to the face. There is no 'good' advice for how to run it. There are only ways to lessen the pain.