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I would suggest you check White Wolf's own forums. However, a word of warning - W:tA is a terrible, awful wreck of a game that is essentially one gigantic car wreck, starting at the inconsistent, heavy-handed and ill-conceived fluff and moving on to mechanics that are not so much a gaming system as they are the written equivalent of an open-handed smack to the face. There is no 'good' advice for how to run it. There are only ways to lessen the pain.
To expand on this, oWoD systems in general was written with the assumption that having well-written systems lessens roleplaying, and thus many of the writers (who had no prior game design experience to begin with) just made the systems "whatever sounded good at the time". As such, combat in particular is an untenable mess that takes literally hours just to adjudicate a single person's turn (between 4 different rolls for a single attack and being able to take multiple actions per combatant) and most other parts of the game just do not work together well, if at all.

My honest suggestion to Cerlis: Since you just started, you should swap over to nWoD and play WtF if you really wanna play werewolf. The systems flow with each other much smoother and move much faster, although gifts still have an issue with being overly situational or just outright useless, by and large. If you're not super attached to werewolves but like the whole "wilderness dudes and spirits" motif, you could easily do that with vampire: the requiem (gangrel with possibly a bloodline to play nice with spirits), mage: the awakening (the thyrsus path are actually better werewolves than werewolves), or changeling: the lost (the beast kith is basically this anyways, elementals could get into it easily, other kiths could be shimmied in too).