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    He pauses for a moment, overwhelmed. Who could blame him, Harry certainly knows how to make an entrance. "Actually I just wanted to be a hero." He says in a small voice, that nobody takes notice of. And who could blame them, after seeing the presentation that is Harry Potter it's hard enough to remember why you're even here. Of course, this is why the families really should make an effort to supervise these battles. There's still a confused group of students who were previously trying to lynch them now trying to figure out what's going on.

    Harry, harry, that name sounds familiar. Something about... He thinks for a moment, then his face lights up as he remembers the answer. "I know you. You're the guy who killed the brittish would-be-dictator when he was a baby, because of a faulty curse or something. The one who had the Magic Association all worried. Heinrich Kremmlar's third disciple, wasn't he?" He paused. "What are you doing here?"

    Groundskeeper Willie
    The groundskeeper was a well-built, solid man from the Orkney isles, who'd come to the colonies when the government had offered free land to brittanian settlers. Better then trying to make a living back hom, aye? Unfortnuately, that had proved nto to be the case, he'd lost it all, and now scraped by keeping the school area tidy and neat, which he was good at.

    Not that he liked the work, and infact he was usually drunk. He hated the students who looked down on him, the teachers who thought they were better then him, the whole stinkin' lot of them. And so Hansel took him for his own. FOr a moment, he thought he saw a man reflected standing behind him on the side of his shiny red tractor, then he blinked and saw the world through new eyes.

    Finaly something he can answer. Dr Henry McCoy steps forward and inclines his head politely. "Madame, we are simply explorers, who seek answers to the mysteries that beset us. We wish to know who built the portal into your home and for what reason, and I for myself wish to be told if there is any way to end your inprisonment, which I see is cruel and unjust."

    A man with white hair is watching Shiki and Lelouch, despite being the better of a kilometer away. He's too far away to hear a word, but it doesn't matter. His eyes can see them with perfect clarity, he could count the hairs on their head if he wanted, and he reads lips as easily as he'd hear words. Lelouch isn't as bad as the other one, if he did, he'd kill him now with a sword, and that would be that. But he can't bring himself to, and that's a concern. If he can't even kill one boy, hpw's he going to change a thing? He's old, and tired, and still dumb enough to think he can have it both ways, thinks he can pass on with a clear concience.

    Damn it all. Perhaps he should focus on Light. He just wishes he could find the boy.
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