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    Default Re: MitD VI: The Undiscovered Creature (Please Read the First Post)

    Quote Originally Posted by lio45 View Post
    Cool! FWIW I myself have a B.Sc. in Physics and had already started working on my masters when I decided to join my father in the family business.

    I think I recall that our thread guru Grey Wolf is himself an engineer of some sort, so there are at least several of us who are "qualified" to give a physicist's/engineer's POV (valid except, of course, in those not-so-uncommon scenes where the laws of physics are told to sit down and shut up!) ;)

    Oh wow, haha! Then there are a lot of people here pretty well equipped to do this type of stuff. XD;;

    Not really, no. :P

    But you know how it is in this thread... ;)
    That I do. :P
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