Harry, Touma and Shirou

"This isn't the EU Harry. No one gives a damn about Voldermort out here." Alex chuckles. Despite her words the fearful expression in her eyes shows just how worried she is. It's hard to say just what she knows but it's certainly something.

"Anyways it's not Shriou's mana that will return my brother's power. It's the Grail."



As the Magi argue you see a bald man standing behind you eating an Apple. "Hey Kidd. I know it doesn't look like it but it's Ryuuk. Light wants to see you now, so you can take your shot at his Egg."



((We're just going to run through the Fox animated line up here?))

Willie is a good choice. A position that allows you to be close to the remaining Magi but with no authority that no one would suspect anything until it's too late.

Down the field you see a pair of similar beings talking. They are not from the Dreaming like yourself, no they work for Dream's sister. Death, not surprising one would be here all things considered but two Grim Reapers is quite suspect.


Panty, Smedry and Beast

"That must be where they are using Project Ugly Duckling then. Poor girl, her Mother would be heart broken to see what Valentine has done to his daughter." The Lady says musing over what Smedry and Beast said.

Then she sees the photo album which she quickly snatches away. "I love Grandchildren. Any of them in need of a Godmother?"



"Is something wrong Gary?" Dr. Rosen asks. He can hear you hesitate, slightly more than normally.



As you watch you see an arrow fly towards your head. It just misses landing in the wall beside. Wrapped around the shaft is a note.

"Come to the roof. I need a word."


Lelouch and Shinki

Nunnally looks up in shock as Lelouch reveals his story to Shinki. "You never told anyone that big brother?"


Raven and Tim

Without much effort Raven can find Tim and the Batgirls.

"Spoiler. Someone had to take Batgirl back after she got out of the chair. Leaving a large computer nerd shaped hole in the command structure too." Steph complains crossing her arms, she's still mad at Babs.

Cass sees Raven approaching and quietly comes up behind her. "Hello."



Charlie doesn't even wait for Souske to start talking before he bends down and sweeps the young soldier's leg. Far better training than you'd suspect from a local Sherif. "You are under arrest."