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Hey, I recently ordered nWoD(it was on sale, so I took a risk.), and I wanted to know some more about the system, preferably what a new Storyteller should know about the system. Thank you!
Well - and this is speaking as someone who loves and adores nWoD - I have to say that the answers to these questions greatly depends on what it is you like in a gaming system. My group and I tend towards a low optimization, so the gaping flaws in the system's mechanics (such as wild imbalance between various Merits, exploits, that sort of thing) slip us by and we remain blissfully unaware of the practicalities of these problems. If your folks like to fiddle with the knobs and dials, then you should be warned that the actual mechanics are held together mostly by Scotch tape and hatred, and little else.

These other fine folks can tell you more.