Kidd, Liz, Patti

With a small flourish Kidd releases Liz and Patti into the air, both sisters transforming back into their regular human forms...and still naked at that. However As they are not the only ones it is at least a little less embarrassing for them. He turns slightly to Ryuk as he says, "Very well then, where is he? Also Ryuk," he lets a small smile come across his face as he continues, "I don't suppose you could tell me what he up to?"

Meanwhile Liz and Patti remembering what Kidd's plan was decide to try help straighten things out with the magi. Liz steps forward as she says, "So what is it that has your undies in a twist Harry was it? If you had been listening properly instead of trying to make a flashy entrance she said that he would regain his powers in one to two days."

Patti nods her head rapidly as she says, "Yeah your just being a big meanie who uses big words!"

Maka, Soul

Maka had been trying to locate Kidd for a little while now. After all it shouldn't be too hard to find him considering that he had a Soul about the size of a house. She finally found him with a gaggle of other souls of considerable size. However if her eyes didn't deceive her...was that another shinigami?!

Soul looked towards his partner as he says, "Hm? Maka what's wrong? Did you find Kidd?" Maka shakes herself out of her stupor before she responds.

"Huh? Oh yeah he's up ahead and Soul try not to offend anyone. There is another shinigami soul with him along with a small group of souls that appear to belong to magi. Who knows what's going on."
With that the duo speeds up slightly to link up with Kidd. And to tell him about how they now have too protect Bella.