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Thread: Fighting fifth: Blaquiere

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    "Move up, regroup on the wall."

    Once everyone has arrived, Vance continues. "Commissar's got it. Me, her, Colber, Mordechai and Lewis will pop smoke and head for the farmhouse door. Trawl shows three contacts in that room, six at most so I reckon that should do it. I think there's one in the car, i'll take him. Rook, Gantz, Austin, Symonds, covering fire. Watch the windows. Claudia: Can you leave Symonds? If so, come with us.

    Anyone who can spare a second, chuck a frag-egg in through the windows to the left."

    Lewis is my comrade: I forgot I had one.

    Will the meltagun be accurate and damaging against the windows at this range?

    Once that's confirmed/ suggestions are made, we can move up.
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