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And of course, now Calcelmo ran to her as well and he's still not back after 12 hours.
Uh oh. Well, if you're playing on a PC, I suppose one option is to use console codes to bring him to you (or you to him). Then again, Solitude is pretty far away so maybe Calcelmo just needs a little more time to get there (Hopefully he hasn't been eaten along the way).

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Ah, the fearsome hammerspace dragons. Truly, they are a scourge.
It seems to be the favored way to attack me now. Though I've noticed that the two which attacked me on Winterhold College grounds occured when everyone was inside. I swear those mages do it on purpose.

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AAAAAHHHHH! I installed Hearthfire and Lydia no longer sarcastically replies to my need to trade things!
LOL, wait, wouldn't that be a good thing? Its nice that they added a little variety to her response now.