I'm currently working my way through Telonius' book and I'm up to Chapter 13. It's a little slow getting started and some of the terminology regarding the Priestess' order (the sashes and the different aspects of the Goddess) gets a little bewildering at times. The distinctions between Guardians, War-Lords, etc is a little fuzzy as well.

That said, now that I've progress further into the book, the characters are becoming much more strongly defined and encouraging. You have the character of Dela, a slightly cynical woman that draws on her vast experience but still empathises with Neblha, the novice. Elsbeth is the one we spend most time with, seeing the world through her eyes and the descriptions of the Seat of Stars and it's current political climate really help to clarify things.

The most recent chapters...it's like the firework has stopped fizzling and just shot up into the sky. I'm really looking forward to what happens next.