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I've asked this three times now: why would a goblin with strength 16 not carry a melee weapon and instead rely exclusively on magic for combat? Especially since he is involved in a mission that will require all his resources to accomplish? Why would he ignore such a massive resource that can save him spells if he is indeed that strong?
Since I don't play D&D, I have to ask: is strength really that important for melee, compared to feats or training or special weapons? If Redcloak doesn't have strength 16, but perhaps 12 (still 4 more than in your calculation), would he still automatically be such a good melee fighter?

Belkar doesn't seem that strong, but he's a good fighter. Xykon on the other hand seems quite strong and has at least argued once that he uses all kinds of power, but he doesn't carry a melee weapon either.