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    Kidd, Liz, Patti

    Liz and Patti seem a little surprised by harry's vehemence as he states his words. Kidd seems to chuckle a little as he says to the surprise of Liz and Patti, "I highly doubt that, however you are correct in that magic can be connected to the soul. However if they are fighting a war, can you complain about how she chooses to fight it? You do not seem to be a end all be all authority. Plus your analogy is horribly off. A persons soul is damaged many time in their lifetime. grief, extreme hatred, trauma, and various other things as well cause some damage to the soul.

    What you are referring to is life. A soul regenerates just as you heal from a cut. Now could you please not view the memories of my partners without thier permission next time,it makes me rather upset. Also will you stop acting so theatrically? It's unslightly. Not to mention that unsymetrical mess that you call hair almost makes me physically ill."
    With those last words Kidd covers his mouth looking a little green around the gills.
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