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O'Chul? ... Is the SoD box we're talking about the same as that box? Or it's just a handy reference for the height (both boxes would likely be the same height)...?
It is only a rough estimate, but yes, they do seem to be about the same size, and that is the one occasion where the box is not in the background, where perspective may be causing it to look smaller than it should. When next to O'Chul's cage, O'Chul is clearly shorter than the box, even when he is standing on the inside of his cage, which gives him an extra few inches. Since O'Chul is not likely to be too tall, and the wood weight calculator asked for height in feet, I went with 6' for ease of calculations. You can, of course, use whatever other estimations you feel you can defend - I was just giving you mine so you could take it into account if you ended with wildly different numbers from mine.

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Since I don't play D&D, I have to ask: is strength really that important for melee, compared to feats or training or special weapons? If Redcloak doesn't have strength 16, but perhaps 12 (still 4 more than in your calculation), would he still automatically be such a good melee fighter?

Belkar doesn't seem that strong, but he's a good fighter. Xykon on the other hand seems quite strong and has at least argued once that he uses all kinds of power, but he doesn't carry a melee weapon either.
In 3.5, strength is everything to melee - it determines the chance to hit, and the damage. Yes, feats can add to damage and give other advantages, but everything is based on strength, especially for clerics.

As to Xykon, he didn't use to be able to melee, but he is a lich now, and he gets a number of touch attacks, which ignore armour, and thus are much easier to hit with even if you don't have strength bonus.

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My mind is drawing a blank with regard to what prophecy the creature in the darkness was instrumental to fulfilling. This may be only because I have a cold.
FWIW, I can't think what he is referring to either.

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