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    Quote Originally Posted by Garick View Post
    The Black Forest in Germany is mostly pines and firs, including Douglas Fir, yet German medieval furniture is also mostly oak as are beams in castle construction. Clearly, it was a concious choice, and not just "oak is handy."
    Medieval furniture, sure. I've never disagreed with that. Furniture has to look nice, resist scratches as much as possible, and you'll probably pass it down to your grandkids. A crate does not have to do any of these. All it has to do is "be resistant enough" (and only to bending/shearing, not to scratching).

    Since you insist, here's a link for you. See section 3.2.1 for what type of wood medieval builders in the Black Forest area favored. Softwood was generally used, except in the areas where oak-dominated forests abounded. And it says oak was already a lot pricier than pine back then (not hard to believe, as it takes longer to grow, and is harder to cut/trim/work), so many people would use oak only for the visible/decorative parts of the houses.

    If softwood is good enough to be chosen by a medieval someone to frame his house, surely it's also fit for a crate, even one that has to hold scary monsters.

    P.S. lol at the idea that Douglas Fir grows in the Black Forest.
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