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finished the stats for Soot (btw thank you SiuiS, I didn't want to take anyone's place but I was keen on participating)

Unicorn Filly
Body- 2, Heart-2, Mind 5 (+1 mind from egghead)
Fortitude- 4, Energy- 7, Courage 7, Willpower 9
Cutie Mark: Black Cat
Special Talent: Going unseen and unnoticied
Job: Thief (level 2)
Skills: Stealth 1, Sleight of horn 1(telekinetic pickpocketing), Lockpicking 1, Cooking 1(Somepony needs to keep the others fed and fits the maternal aspect of her backstory)
Talents: Agile, Wary

Aspects known: Telekinesis, Animate, Light, Body, Deceive, Diminish, Forge, Reveal (+1 from new magic trick)

Spells known:
Sneak in the Shadows
Level 3
Deceive, Light
Range- Contact, Duration- Temporary
Difficulty- 3
Soot shrouds the target (usually herself) to make light bend around them, making them invisible to normal sight

Follow the Shiny Light
Level 2
Animate, Forge, Light
Range- Anmiomorphic, Duration- Concentration
Difficulty- 3
Soot conjours a mote of light and direct where it goes

Hush now, Quiet now
Level 2
Diminish, Body
Range- Anmiomorphic, Duration- Temporary
Difficulty- 4
Soot saps the energy from a target, making them very sleepy

Lights Out
Level 1
Diminish, Light
Range- Spectacle, Duration- Temporary
Difficulty- 5
Soot coats an area in a blanket of darkness, obscuring everything within

Detect Life
Level 1
Reveal, Body
Range- Spectacle, Duration- Temporary
Difficulty- 5
Soot is able to sense the locations of sentient creatures in an area, useful to avoid guards, not so much for their dogs

Flaws: Low Society

Element: Kindness

Egghead (+1 Mind) 10 pts,
New Magic Trick 5 pts,
Uplifting Attitude 5 pts,
On-the- Job training (+1 level to thief) 4 pts,

Devices: set of lockpicks, saddlebag

Soot never knew her parents, nopony but an old stallion named Rusty ever took care of her on the mean streets of Manehatten, Rusty named her and taught her a few tricks for a unicorn to go unnoticied. He was there when she got her Cutie Mark by hiding from an angry shop keeper she took a few pastries from. But nopony can live forever and Rusty was an old pony to begin with. Soot never forgot how he treated her like his own and soon found a herself with a gaggle of her own orphans and ponies down on their luck, assuming a sort of matriarchal position among them. She usually gets her family by through odd jobs and a bit of thievery, though she wished there was a way that everypony could live so none had to have less than they needed

Taking Care of others, Foals, Shiny things and the thrill of a job well done

Suffering, Rich snooty ponies who've never felt what it's like to go hungry, cleanliness

Often sarcastic but always kind when somepony needs her. Suspicious of those she doesn't know, past experience having taught her that trust must be earned. Quick to protect or stand up for her friends, often in a maternal fashion.

Soot looks like she considers a chimney to be a suitable substitute for a shower, which is unfair (she doesn't use anything for a shower). She's not actually that filthy, since her coat is a patchwork of greys, but it is hard to tell what's coat and what's just dirt. Her mane and tail are similarly messy, a light grey with a black streak running through them. Her bright yellow eyes are the only colorful thing about her. She's leaner than most ponies, and generally has an underfed look about her.
Looks pretty good to me. Though the question is, what is she doing in Canterlot? She doesn't sound like the type to go travelling a lot.
And why would she stick around with a bunch of middle-class ponies?

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Okay, I read Off the Edge of the Map. Brilliant fic, and gives me a good idea of what this is all about.

Character-wise, I think I'll avoid Elixir. I'd like to get a chance to play him, but in my mind he's a seasoned adventurer (perhaps not a great one, but he knows how to fight) and so I'm not sure if he'll fit the tone.

I do have a vague sort of idea for a character, though. City Slicker, a tour guide for Canterlot or maybe Manehatten. Probably an earth pony. He knows the city like the back off his hoof, knows everypony, street smart, always very sure of himself. Away from the big city, he'll be out of his depth, but might make a good fast-talker for when the group reaches some form of civilization. Will probably have a cockney accent.

He might know the group because he took them on a tour once, or maybe he just met them at some event. Cutie mark would be something like a hoofprint on a cobblestone path, or possibly a city skyline.
I like it.