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    Nope - the book you have, assuming it is black/grey/dark blue, is the New World of Darkness core book, providing the rules for ordinary mortals. Supernatural creatures like Vampires, Werewolves, and other strange beasties -at least, the playable ones - have their own books, because the way NWoD rules work is closer to D&D templates - you create a mortal, then apply the appropriate supernatural template that then gives you new abilities, weaknesses, etc.

    I've never run a tabletop game of it, but I would suggest reading the Storyteller section of the book in-depth, it's full of tips for exactly the questions you're asking. But 'eggshells with high caliber rifles' is a good way to put it, particularly if the eggshells have the Sniper or Combat Marksmanship merits (neither of which are in the core book, so you're fine there).
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