@Ravian: Well, Dive Bomb will probably be exactly what the filly hates in an adult. He's fairly well off, and if he learns of the filly's thieving ways, he'll see it as his duty to interfere. He'd have a somewhat patriarchal sense of duty to try to care for her, since her status is probably fairly obvious from her looks.

@TheAmishPirate: I remember when this guy was a prompt from Ponythread... He seems like a good party face/leader, if only because of his connections. DB has a respect for the soda mogul, although he feels that it was somewhat inherited instead of earned. He tries to maintain good relations regardless, since his jobs provide a nice bonus to his pharmacy.

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So we have Ravian, Diego Havoc, One Tin Soldier, Balmas and theAmishPirate. I officially bow out of this game.

Before you feel bad, par o that is I'm being asked to run a game elsewhere, which requires TONNES more energy. I probably wouldn't e able to participate all that well anyway.

I'm ping to lurk your threads to figure out the system though.
Well, best of luck to you. Stay awesome!