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So we have Ravian, Diego Havoc, One Tin Soldier, Balmas and theAmishPirate. I officially bow out of this game.

Before you feel bad, par o that is I'm being asked to run a game elsewhere, which requires TONNES more energy. I probably wouldn't e able to participate all that well anyway.

I'm ping to lurk your threads to figure out the system though.
Best of luck in your game! If there are any hard feelings about this, feel free to have Chryssie give Chuck a shoulder-punch at some point.

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So then Cork could be the mutual... not friend exactly, but point of contact that keeps the party together. That's a pretty good thought.
Didn't actually realize this, but yeah, that's basically how it turned out.

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@TheAmishPirate: I remember when this guy was a prompt from Ponythread... He seems like a good party face/leader, if only because of his connections. DB has a respect for the soda mogul, although he feels that it was somewhat inherited instead of earned. He tries to maintain good relations regardless, since his jobs provide a nice bonus to his pharmacy.
Connections, and the fact that he was somewhat groomed to take up his father's place. It's not his talent and he finds it generally a pain to deal with, but he does know some economics and politics.

As for the party leader bit, I think he'll probably assume that role if only because of all that pressure to assume responsibility. Despite his own wishes (which I admit he's not even sure of at this point), if his Dad announced "Crown Cork is going to be the next head of the Cork family", he'd take the job without a fuss. And it's pretty much what everybody he's met thinks he's going to do too. So when plunked in with a group of semi-random ponies, I think he's going to instinctively go for a leadership-type role.