Gary Bell

Gary hesitates again. "I'm worried." He says quietly. "But I'll be careful, and think through my actions, and watch for intonations to see if people are being sarcastic or not."

He pauses. "I won't get hurt. Bye Dr. Rosen. Love you." He finishes absentmindedly as he hangs up.

He turns and notices Lelouch's confession to Shiki. Particularly the bit about his blind sister.

He thinks of a person he knew once, who was similarly cut off from the world.

He walks over to Lelouch and Nunally's location.

"Hi. I'm Gary. I'm someone that Lelouch just met, and he doesn't trust me very much because I'm not very good at social integration, and tend to blurt out things. But I want to help you and him, because I once had a person that I cared a lot about, who died because I made a mistake. So I want to help you guys out so you don't die. So that maybe I won't have to scream for 10 seconds every morning in order to express my grief. And because I think you two are good people."

He hesistates. Because he's running a statistical news archive search for young nobles who lost their mother's at the age of ten in the Brittanian Royal Genealogy archives. And because he's trying to figure out if he was being too rude and forward.

"Is that alright?" He finally says.